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IT Service Desk Addon

Day-to-Day IT Operations and Proactive Maintenance

Service Request Handling, Change Management, Device Monitoring and proactive & continuous IT Infrastructure improvements are all tasks of the daily IT Operations of any business. Our Managed Service Desk Solution is designed to take care of all of these in the background to ensure that your business and it’s technology simply runs as expected.

Our Service Desk Solutions can seamlessly be integrated with our Managed IT Help Desk Solutions and function as a service extension to fully cover all your IT needs.

What’s covered by our Service Desk Solutions

Fully Managed Service – just integrate & sit back

Multilingual Support (English, Spanish and German)

Service Desk reachable by Phone, Email and ITSM

Tech Support up to 24×7 as your business needs it

Expertise from qualified IT Engineers

Response and resolution times guaranteed by SLA

Ticket handling through IT Service Management (ITSM)

ITIL standards applied to all operations

The GOC IT Service Desk – How it works

Our fully qualified IT Experts take care of your day-to-day IT Operations and make sure everything continues to run smoothly to guarantee your daily business without major interruptions. Whether you need new users created, email inboxes managed, files shared throughout a team or department or even integrate new devices or apps into your existing IT infrastructure, the GOC Managed Service Desk will help you get it done. Through device monitoring and proactive maintenance we even reduce the number of IT incidents significantly and chances are we are aware of issues before your employee even notices. Service Desk as a Service – a service model that will improve the way your company works. Relieve your experts and let us take care of your IT with our first-class service.

Will I be charged for the estimated volume of tickets per month?2022-01-21T13:20:14+01:00

No, only the base price is a fixed monthly charge. Tickets will be invoiced as per real number of tickets raised in any month. The estimation of tickets per month only serves to get you an idea of the approximate monthly costs of your IT operations in the case that tickets are being worked on. In short, if your company does not require any tech support in a month, then you will only be charged the base price, if any. Get your instant quote now.

How are on premise hardware support interventions handled?2022-01-21T13:06:58+01:00

Hardware and on-premise interventions are not included out of the box in our managed service plans and there are different ways to handle this type of interventions. Your employees may raise a service request or incident to our helpdesk, which will then be processed according to the specific agreement with your company. In cases where our customers have a technician on premise, our helpdesk will work with them to get the ticket solved in a timely manner. In cases where there is no on premise technician available, we will order one of our service partners to visit your site and perform the needed tasks after we have received your approval of the cost. Hardware replacements and On Premise interventions are not included in the service fees.

If your company does have warranty and/or hardware replacement agreements with the respective vendors, then we will be happy to work with them to get the job done.

If you are interested in a permanent on site technician to work for your business, then please contact our sales department for more information.

Did we leave any questions unanswered? Check out our FAQ or contact us for more information.

24/7 Monitoring

The Service Desk monitors your IT infrastructure and business critical assets 24×7, 365 days a year. This allows us not only to detect system downtimes, but also lets us start resolving incidents before anyone else even notices.

IT Service Desk Monitoring
Proactive IT Maintenance & Updates

Maintenance & Updates

We maintain your existing infrastructure through continuous improvements and regular, planned system updates in order to prevent incidents & downtimes from happening in the first place. This also allows your IT to grow with your business instead of becoming a burden at some stage.

Benefits of our Managed Service Desk Solution

Service Request Handling

Together with your business leads, we will design a customized service catalog where your employees can order services from. These services will be implemented following your company’s guidelines and standards. Even necessary approval processes may be defined to make sure we only process what’s really wanted. Service requests may represent recurring tasks such as creating or deleting users, granting access to shared apps & resources, creation of file shares, and many more.

Patch Management

All IT devices, such as workstations and servers, are kept up to date by pushing out scheduled security updates. Necessary downtimes for reboots can be agreed to in advance and updates installed accordingly. Once the updates are installed, our team verifies that the device is up and available again without any issues.

Root Cause Analysis

Through an in depth root cause analysis the origin of recurring issues can be isolated, leading to prevention and/or faster resolution in the future.

Instant Access to a pool of Experts

We offer a Multi-Disciplined Team that is trained in different technical aspects. With our Managed Service Desk you gain instant access to a variety of tech professionals at zero fixed costs.

Seamless Integration

Our Managed Service Desk seamlessly integrates with your existing support infrastructure and adds up to it. Whether you prefer to have our experts take care of everything or have them work with other, internal support teams, our Service Desk Solution is the right choice.

Custom Support

Our Engineers are trained to understand your specific business needs and company goals to offer the best possible service. When ordering a customized Service Desk for your business, your employees won’t even notice it’s an external service. We can answer calls with your company’s name and send email notifications from your own support email addresses.

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