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IT Asset Management (ITAM)

Converting technology from a burden into a business enabler

Keeping IT assets such as Laptops, Workstations, Servers etc. under control is not an easy job. Often times we even ignore the fact that our assets may become a security hole to our business data and that they need to be protected. Compliance is yet another issue to keep in mind when thinking of IT assets and endpoints. Our managed IT Assets Service not only takes care of all this, but it also includes a full Life Cycle management.

What’s covered by our IT Asset Solutions

Multilingual ITAM Support (English, Spanish and German)

Procurement Solutions

Device Discovery & Inventory

Device Deployment

Ongoing monitoring & upgrading

Renewals Management

Compliance Management through central device policies

IT Asset Management as a Service

IT Asset Management as a Service

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Risks, Costs and Efforts

Making use of a professional IT Asset Management Solution allows business owners to fully focus on their business, knowing that their IT Assets become true assets to the company. No more worrying about the many different aspects of keeping the business running.


Benefits of using ITAM Services

Risk Management

IT Assets are enrolled as per company policies and standards and configured from a central device management tool. This enforces all devices to adhere to security policies and prevents possible data breaches. Enrolled devices can also be wiped remotely in case of loss or theft. ITAM keeps all back doors locked through constant security updates.

Cost Optimization

A centralized ITAM Solution exponentially reduces costs in the long run. Procurement and renewals are managed from a single point of service, and software licenses are optimized as per use policies. In addition, a managed device is less affected by failures due to missing maintenance and reduced IT efforts and downtimes.

Compliance Management

ITAM managed devices adhere to company policies that are setup in compliance with local regulations. External audits will no longer be an issue as all enrolled devices are following the central device configuration policies.