Following the ITIL standards, there are 3 support levels:

First level Support

The first level support agent is the one who takes the initial call, raises the ticket on behalf of the customer and offers initial troubleshooting. This is where about 70% of the incidents are resolved immediately. Our first level support technicians are usually IT allrounders that cover many areas on a medium technical level. However, in some cases the issue might be so complex that it requires in-depth technical analyses by an expert in a specific area (second level support), so the first level agent escalates the ticket to the second level.

Second level Support

The second level support consists of an expert IT engineer in the specific IT technology affected by the reported incident. A level 2 support engineer is capable of conducting in-depth technical analyses and troubleshooting with the goal to permanently fix the issue. At CloudSource IT, the second level support is either your in-house IT personnel or our IT experts, depending on your specific needs and preferences.

Third level Support

The last level of support is provided by the vendor or manufacturer of the defective device or software and is only involved in case of a faulty product that needs vendor side fixes. Our level 2 support engineers will escalate your incident to the vendor and work together with them on getting the issue fixed. Once this has completed, the ticket will be updated with the provided solution and the customer will be informed of the fix.